Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

Download Weed Firm 2 MOD APK and establish your weed farm. You’ll expand this venture to become one of the wealthiest marijuana dealers in your region!

Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk Info

Developer: Koolbros
Version: 2.9.96
Category: Simulation
Size: 69M
Package Name: com.thumbspire.weedfirm2
Update: 2020-03-16

What You Need to Know about Weed Firm 2

This is a high-risk game that involves growing of Marijuana. It has numerous challenges that you must overcome to grow your business into an unbeatable empire!

You must be creative enough to utilize every space that you have to grow the weed. While at it, ensure that you get vast markets for your product.

The more you expand your venture to more regions, the easier it’ll be for you to become the best businessman in the weed-growing sector.

Interesting Gameplay

When you join this game, you’ll only have one goal—to grow and deliver the best Marijuana to your clients.

However, these customers will not be readily available! As such, you must ensure that you invoke your marketing skills to obtain markets from different parts of the world. The more you sell the product, the more profit you make and the easier it’ll be for you to expand to other locations.

To succeed in this venture, you must grow different strains of Marijuana. These may include the Purple Haze, the White Widow, and the Alien Weed!

Also, ensure that you undertake your research extensively to establish the preferences of each of your clientele base. This way, you’ll be able to conduct targeted marketing which will consequently lead to more natural growth.

Some of the clients that you must target in your gameplay include Luni & Durte (the rappers), Jane (the exotic dancer), Sandy & Mandy (the Cheerleaders), Rasta Bob, and Ian (the DJ). Additionally, the game features a high-demand client called Soulja Boy—Big Dranco.

How to Win the Weed Firm 2 Game

If you want to win the game quickly, you must establish a shop in an ideal location where your customers can access with ease.

Also, you may require to diversify your business operations. Besides expanding to other regions globally, you must start growing other things such as mushrooms which will safeguard your business from the uncertainties of the marijuana business.

Additionally, you’ll have to find a creative way of dealing with the stubborn cops and other Gangbangers who may make your operations a nightmare. The faster you eliminate these obstacles, the quicker you’ll grow in your business.

Impressive Graphics

Everything about the weed farm is phenomenal! It offers outstanding HD sceneries that are therapeutic. Additionally, it has extraordinary sound effects that gives an epic gaming experience.

Download Weed Firm 2 MOD APK

If you want to enjoy superb gameplay, you must download the Weed Firm 2 MOD APK. It has unlimited resources to let you expand your operations with ease.

Also, you’ll enjoy more enhanced graphics and a broader clientele, thus making it easy for your business to thrive.


Growing weed and marketing it comes with unique challenges. Download this game and try to overcome this challenge and become the biggest marijuana producer in your area!

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