Smolsies My Cute Pet House Mod Apk

Download Smolsies My Cute Pet House MOD APK and enjoy the best pet game ever. You’ll enjoy every bit of playing with the cute Smolsies—their new virtual pets.

Smolsies My Cute Pet House Mod Apk

Smolsies My Cute Pet House Mod Apk Info

Developer: TutoTOONS
Version: 3.0.25
Category: Education
Size: 47M
Package Name:
Update: 2020-03-30

Everything You Need to Know About Smolsies- My Cute Pet House

Do you love pets? If yes, then you’ll enjoy every minute of Smolsies - My Cute Pet House for Android. It’s highly animated to give you an unforgettable gaming experience.

It involves adorable creatures known as Smolsies—you need to obtain as many as you can.

The happier your Smolsies will be, the higher your score and the better your chances of winning the game.

An Unforgettable Gameplay

Once you engage in this game, it’s highly unlikely that the memories will escape your mind! It has eye-catching graphics and spectacular gameplay.

You’ll be obliged to take care of lovable Smolsies. Initially, you must acquire these pets through whichever means you can—including merging and hatching them.

You’ll have the power to hatch approximately 18 eggs, which will yield 18 pets! Everyone in the house will be impressed—your children will love their new pets.

However, you’ll have the assignment to clean them, feed them, and play with them. This way, your pets will always be happy, which is necessary if you want to win the game.

Step by Step Tricks of Playing the Game

  • Hatch the Smolsies

You’ll have the ability to put two pet Smolsies in a merging machine to get a surprise egg! This way, you can quickly hatch different unique pets.

After hatching, ensure that you feed them, provide them with playing facilities, and offer them all the love they need.

  • Engage in Fun Mini-Games

Some of the games that you can play with the pets include jumping, coloring, and basketball! Also, you should endeavor to collect coins and win toys to equip your pets’ house.

The game has multiple playing options to keep your pets entertained, which will consequently earn you more scores.

Top-Notch Graphics

This game utilizes 3-D graphics to bring out the best gaming experience for your children. It’s designed to entertain children with unique simulations and immersive music systems.

Download Smolsies My Cute Pet House MOD APK Latest Version Now!

The game has a modded version that integrates more features to make the gameplay more fulfilling for children and adults alike.

These extraordinary features include:

  • Ability to Hatch Multiple Pets. The MOD version allows you to merge eggs and hatch as many unique pets as you can—this includes a unicorn!
  • No Ads. When you use this improved version, you’ll enjoy continuous gameplay
  • Highly Dynamic Gameplay. How well you execute the gameplay determines your success in the game! You can choose any hatching method to succeed in the game


The Smolsies My Cute Pet House MOD APK free download will undoubtedly offer outstanding gameplay that’ll keep you engaged throughout.

Download the latest version of the game and hatch as many pets as you wish!

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