Lucky Looter Mod Apk

Download Lucky Looter MOD APK and enjoy unique looting moments. Accumulate as much as you can without getting caught and become the king thief!

Lucky Looter Mod Apk

Lucky Looter Mod Apk Info

Developer: RadPirates
Version: 0.09
Category: Sports
Size: 29M
Package Name: com.radpirates.luckylooter
Update: 2020-03-10

Crucial Details about Lucky Looter

Lucky Looter was published by RadPirates. It has an incredibly interesting storyline where the player is required to become a thief.

It has unique role-playing features and interesting simulation elements. As a result, it has received numerous positive reviews from game lovers.

Crazy Gameplay

Do you what it takes to become the chief thief in your region? Well, this game tasks you with this very exercise. How simple will it be?

While looting may sound like a simple exercise, you’ll face extensive difficulties. If you’re not careful, you’ll be caught and beaten mercilessly—the game is all about taking risks!

The more risks you take, the more loots you’ll acquire. You should ensure that you target wealthy areas where a single mission can give you a substantial amount of loot.

Always remember that your every movement will be monitored by the police. As such, you must be sufficiently cunning to avoid being caught which would lead to loss of the accumulated treasures.

The more you steal, the more points you accumulate. If you remain consistent in your success, you’ll eventually be declared the king of looting in your area.

Simple Control System

This game is supported by both the Android and iOS operating systems. It doesn’t matter the device you’ll be using, the control systems are pretty straightforward.

You’ll be required to move your thief to your target locations by dragging your finger along your device’s screen. If you want to cover, you should immediately release your screen.

Impressive Graphics

This game is completed with topnotch 3-D low poly situations. The high-quality simulations make the game appear authentic and increase the fun.

While playing, you’ll enjoy calming music that plays on the background.

How to Win the Game

This game has no shortcut! The only way to win is by collecting lots of treasures. However, you must ensure that you dodge all the obstacles including the owner of the facilities and the police.

Once you get the treasures, you should buy items that will ease your stealing process. For example, you can buy silky clothes, new auto-motors, or anything else that will aid your mission.

Lucky Looter Mod APK

The Lucky Looter MOD APK has newly added features that give a perfect mix of thrill, entertainment, and adrenaline-filled sessions.

Unique MOD Features

  •  Unlimited Money. You’ll have plenty of money to unlock rich places and trace unique treasures
  • Numerous Collectables. You’ll have numerous treasures to collect
  •  Better and Unique Graphics. Enjoy real-like gaming experience

Bottom Line

If you thought to steal is fun, you should download the Lucky Looter MOD APK and experience the torturous journey that a thief undergoes before pocketing the stolen treasures.

You’ll have to escape the traps of police and invoke your wits to develop a safety stealing plan.

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