Hard Time Mod Apk

Download Hard Time mod APK and enjoy one of the most immersive and addictive simulated prison games!

Hard Time Mod Apk

Hard Time Mod Apk Info

Developer: MDickie
Version: 1.410
Category: Adventure
Size: 42M
Package Name: air.HardTime
Update: 2019-04-04

Analysis of Hard Time Mod APK

In this game, you are required to guide the character via a chain of interesting engagements, both outside and inside of the epic prisons.

Get to interact with very interesting characters, discover unique places, select a collection of various objects, select catchy stuff, and engage in any activity you want in the simulated prison.

You have the choice of creating your prison with interactive props, different inmates, lots of different places to cover.

Discover how life is lived in prison and how best to adapt to it.

Also, get to assist your character to be well and healthy both on the physical and mental levels inside the prison.

Gameplay and Graphics

In the game, you will enjoy the opportunities of experiencing the nominal existence of a prisoner in the fun and chaotic prisons of Hard Time.

Encounter yourself in this game being sentenced for every type of crime and thrown inside the prisons to serve your punishment for a number of days.

Your overall aim is to maintain a positive attitude throughout the period by ensuring all of your vital stats are fairly secure.

This includes your agility, strength, intelligence, and integrity, all of which are valuable stats that can have a huge effect on your prison life.

If you don't want to get out of control and let your characters to be momentarily uncontrollable, keep up your spirit, which will cause major issues.

To restore your health and mental wellbeing, you can sleep.

You won't be permitted to nap always, though, so finding several ways to cheat your way is necessary.

Although the game doesn't have amazing graphics with fantastic information, its distinctive styles of art nevertheless make it very fascinating in some way.

You'll find yourself completely absorbed in the fantastic and thrilling prison simulation gameplay with realistic sound effects and soothing songs.

Download Hard Time Mod APK

Do you have what it takes to survive in a prison setting and life the best of life? We offer you the opportunity to make use of the mod version of this game and enjoy some real benefits. The mod version of this game features:

  • ¬†Entirely free upgrades for the VIP version
  • ¬†Greater access to in-game features


Hard Time is an interesting prison simulated game that can also be addictive.

It includes a captivating gameplay that will always keep you astounded.

Download Hard Time mod apk now.

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