AdVenture Communist Mod Apk

Download Adventure Communist MOD APK and participate in this fascinating game where you’ll be required to establish a communist culture in your region.

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk Info

Developer: Screenzilla
Version: 4.13.3
Category: Simulation
Size: 96M
Package Name:
Update: 2020-03-17

Everything You Should Know About Adventure Communist

Adventure Communist was developed by Hyper Hippo. It tremendously simulates the economy of a communist state.

The game revolves around establishing a communist society. You’ll become the leader of the proletariat.

In this game, potatoes are used as the dominant currency. As such, you’ll be required to grow potatoes on expansive lands.

However, this challenge is humongous, and you’ll need to recruit several scholars and diligent workers to help you out. The more you complete the challenging tasks, the larger the bonuses you’ll get, and the easier it’ll become to win the game.

A Thrilling Gameplay

This game has a simulated business model that offers crucial business challenges that you can easily apply in the real world.

When you join the game, your primary intention will be to develop your potato farms, become the largest producer in the communist state, and eventually become a leading billionaire in the region.

However, the process will not be all smooth! You’ll be required to look for a piece of land and buy all the farming inputs needed. With the little money available, it would help if you plan accordingly only to purchase what is essential for the initial phase of planting.

Also, it would help if you were on top of your game when it comes to recruitment. Always ensure that you hire farmhands to help you with various assignments. After successfully completing their tasks, you’ll be required to pay them using potatoes.

Uniquely, the potato production process will continue in earnest even when you close the game to sleep—only if you invested in the right managers! Ensure that you hire competent people who will oversee all the operations, even in your absence.

Excellent Graphics and Exciting Sound Systems

This game is superbly simulated! It uses 3-D graphics that are expertly applied to make the game look authentic.

Additionally, it has a profoundly immersive sound system that’ll enable you to focus all your energy on expanding your potato ventures.

Download the Adventure Communist MOD APK Now!

This modified version of the game offers better features that’ll undoubtedly add fun to the gameplay. It has better graphics, and unlimited unlock to enable you to play like a king!

Unique MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money. You can expand at your pace! Look for more land and plant as many potatoes as you can—you’ll have unlimited money!
  • Unlock New Industries. If you want to add value to your potatoes, then you’ll have the unique ability to unlock industries. Produce as much as you can without limitations
  • Employee Quality Employees. The MOD version of the game has qualified researchers and other highly knowledgeable employees that will accelerate your process of establishing a potato empire


If you want to enjoy a communist environment, then the Adventure Communist MOD APK is your ideal game. Download it today and develop your potato business empire!

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